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My story…

Hi. David here. I’m Freddy’s human. Meet my Mom. She was Freddy’s human until she passed away recently. We both miss her. I have adopted Freddy, her basset hound, and I have brought him across the country from Florida to live with me in Bothell, WA. Freddy the Bassett and I dedicate this page to Mom. Follow Freddy’s page to keep up with his adventures and let it be a reminder to all of us to keep our loved ones who have passed, in our hearts and thoughts.

If you recently started following Freddy the Bassett on Facebook or Instagram, you may not know his full story. It all started in October 2018…

“Most of my time was spent in my recliner by the window.”

Standing in the street outside Mom's home.  It is time to move on.

Before Mom passed away in September, she couldn’t get around very well. So Freddy didn’t get much exercise. He was 12 years old (which is very old for a basset) nearly blind, very overweight and had really bad arthritis.

On October 10, 2018 we loaded up in Mom’s car and headed across the country.

One night early in our trip (Tennessee) we stopped to camp and I took a photo of Freddy to share on Facebook. That is the photo at the top of the page. I captioned it as if Freddy were talking and it was a hit! For the rest of our journey across the country Freddy took over my Facebook account and shared the journey from his perspective.

Since we arrived in Washington, Freddy has lost 16 20 pounds, played in the snow, learned how to walk up and down stairs (that was a big deal!), and his arthritis is no longer bothering him.

There is much more to his story that I will go back and fill in here over time. Meanwhile, if you scroll back through his facebook page all the way to the beginning, you can see it all as it happened. Or look at the mobile uploads album. He recently created an Instagram page too. That doesn’t have all of his information yet either, but it will come. Thanks for following and sharing his story. If GrumpyCat can get 8 million followers, surely Freddy the Bassett can too? Please help grow his followers in tribute to our Mom.

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